Charles Beilman of Wallingford CT

Charles Beilman Wallingford CT

Charles Beilman is a successful businessman who has resided in Wallingford CT for the past 20 years, currently residing at 826 North Farms Road Wallingford CT.

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I grew up in Newington Connecticut, a suburban town just south of Hartford. I graduted Newington High school with honors in 1978. The brand new personal computer revoultion hit in 1979 and I worked full time as a self employed computer consultant on computers like the RadioShack TRS-80. Over the next few years I developed and sold software for collection agencies and schools. Eventually I founded Trak Systems, a company that sold computer hardware/software systems to retail book stores and record stores.

Business was good, but in 1995 something new took off, the Internet. I knew this was going to be big and I decided to parley my experice in the retail record industry into creating an online record store. In six months, myself and another programmer created the CD Universe online store from scratch. We went online in April 1996 and acheived instant success.

By 1999 CD Universe was one of the top retailers on the Internet. I sold CD Universe to a new startup called eUniverse. eUniverse kept me on as President of CD Universe and an eUniverse Director. It was a very exciting time as eUniverse was traded on the NASDAQ under the symbol EUNI. This didn't work out over differences in management style. I was able to re-purchase CD Universe in October of 2000 and return the company to growth and profitability.

CD Universe continues to this day serving customers worldwide from it's Wallingford Connecticut offices.

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Charles Beilman was quoted in the excerpt from Silicon Investor who published the press release announcing the sale of CDU to eUNI in April 1999.

The Augusta Chronical ran a story in 1998, which they picked up from the Hartford Courant. A nice quote from this article:
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