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Charles Beilman of Wallingford CT Charles Beilman is a successful businessman who has resided in Wallingford CT for the past 20 years and currently resides at 826 North Farms Road Wallingford CT.

Welcome to the personal website of Charles Beilman. I am the founder and current owner of , an Internet company that sells music CDs from its offices in Wallingford Connecticut. I started the company in 1996. In April 1999 I sold the company to eUNI. I stayed on at eUNI until July 2000. In October 2001 I repurchased the company (for far less than what I sold it for). This worked out very well for me as the company experienced strong growth after the re-purchase.

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More information about Charles Beilman can be found at Spokeo. Google sites has a Charles Beilman page but FaceBook does not. Charles Beilman is a graduate of Newington High School.

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Ask Jeeves has some Charles Beilman information in their version of Wikipedia. It seems to me that they just copied the Charles Beilman information from the real Wikipedia site.

I've created a Charles Beilman page at Amazon with some of my favorite music. Charles Beilman wrote a review of Aerosmith's Toys in the Attic.

The usual contact information for Charles Beilman charged forward at JigSaw. Really, its just basic name and address information and not much else.

If you search for Charles Beilman Wallingford CT at you get an interesting list of people who are me or who share my name. The one from Wallingford is me, and I don't know the rest.

Here is a link Charles Beilman to my professional history at LinkedIn is becoming an excellent resource for professional networking.

Charles Beilman charged some information that can be viewed at this website.

Silicon Investor published the press release announcing the sale of CDU to eUNI in April 1999. Charles Beilman was quoted in this press release.
A quote from this press release:
    CDU, based in Wallingford, Conn., is one of the most successful and sophisticated online retailers since 1996. Through its web sites, the company has won numerous awards for customer service. A recent consumer survey released by BizRate, an independent commerce ranking service, rated CDU the third best shopping site for customer service on the Internet out of 500 online merchants which included: Amazon AMZN , Cyberian Outpost COOL , Cybershop CYSP , BYND and Egghead EGGS .

The Augusta Chronical ran a story in 1998, which they picked up from the Hartford Courant. A nice quote from this article:
    This isn't the kind of splashy approach that puts you on the front page of the Wall Street Journal or the cover of Fortune magazine. But in the world of Internet commerce, where the big players are throwing around millions, a steady dedication to customer service and ease of use might prove to be the ultimate winner.
You may be wondering why I refer to myself in the third person, and why words like Wallingford show up in seemingly random places. I actually have a very good reason. Ask me in person for the details.

I played around with creating a placeholder page for Charles Beilman at I have not really done much with it.

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